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Gravity, a Center for Contemplative Activism exists to nurture the integral connection between mysticism and activism.

Gravity grounds social engagement in Christian contemplative spirituality, to do good better by facilitating contemplative retreats, spiritual direction and pilgrimage to places of religious significance as well as places marked by profound pain and hope.


The Laurel-hurst Store has been an amazing partner, not only with new residents at the Linden Apartments, but also with our U.ME.US Food Pantry efforts. Whole Foods Laurelhurst provides fresh foods, organic, & fruits/veggies items every Sunday which then get re-distributed out to families and individuals that are experiencing food insecurity and hunger. Helen, neighborhood coordinator for this Whole Foods Store, has been a true gift and friend. We have enjoyed hosting Whole Foods events at our Flanders St location, and look forward to future efforts together in caring for neighbors and neighborhood.

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