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Who we are and what we are about.



through the art of living alongside, for the sake of neighbor, creation, self.

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Our coming together is a mixture of song, prayer, eucharist, learning & formation,  generosity, good coffee, all centered around the practice of Christ in daily life.
We are a friendly bunch, diverse in story, age, thought, history, life and faith. Within that diversity we are connected by a common hope, shared culture, and lived theology  grounded in the way of Love.
Our Sunday gathering is typically 90 minutes long, though is usually less.
Neighbours Table Coffee is open 9am - 10:00am and is just the place for us to find each other, catch up from the week, enjoy conversation, and get your speciality coffee drink fix.
  • Check out the kids' tab to get all information about our kids environment. Kids Check-In time for infants - 5th grade happens from 9:45am - 10:15am in our kids check in area near the Treehouse - see a Host or Signs for direction.
  • More on kids and youth read more information on our LIFE section of the website


All are welcome to join our Wednesday gathering, hosted by the Forerunners.
Located in the fireside room, off Flanders St. (look for 10am gathering signs). This 75 minute gathering is a time in song, prayer, community, and scripture.
Childcare is not available. 
{{ The forerunners are the grandma's and grandpa's of our community. There is so much story, experience, wit, pain, and faithfulness filling the room every Wednesday morning, and though the scriptural study is good, the songs sung come from a deep lyrical well, and the food and coffee are in abundance, it's the weight of years present that guides and expands the soul toward God & Grace. All are not only welcomed but encouraged. }}

Flanders St. Address

  2830 NE Flanders St Portland, OR 97232   503.232.5155 withyou@alongsiderschurch.org

Parking Lots are marked with Signage:

Parking for friends/family/guests with Physical Disability:
Corner of 29th and Flanders (see signs)
Street Parking:
Ample street parking is also available. (though be considerate of our neighbors)
General Parking:
  • Entrance off 29th
  • Entrance off Flanders
  • Entrance off
  • 28thEntrance off Everett (see signs)
We are centrally located with easy access to public transportation and bike route.
Public Transportation: more information or download a transportation map.
Bike route link. Cyclists are welcome and secure bike racks are located on NE Flanders Street.
  • Every month we have a lead mentor who oversee’s our entire kids environment. All lead mentors and mentors will be wearing Black Alongsiders Team Shirts.
  • If your a 1st time guest the “lead mentor” will guide you through the check in process and answer any and all questions for you.
  • There is a Nursery for infant to 18 months.
  • We do host a space for walkers as well.
  • Kids 2-3 year check in and enter their designated environment. (to check in follow signs or find host (alongsiders shirts to direct you)
  • Kids 4-5 year check in and enter their designated environment. (to check in follow signs or find host(alongsiders shirts to direct you.)
  • Kids from K -5th grade check in and then enter their designated environment.
  • On 4th & 5th Sundays all ages participate in the main gathering.
In 2012 - 2013 we changed everything.
  • Every single environment curated for kids were intentionally imagined.
  • We explored and evolved. Choosing visible & vibrant color palette, environmental decor, modular decor/furniture, and tactile learning materials for both mentor and child.
  • We decided that the safety, security, and inclusivity of every child should be the elephant in the room. Even to the chagrin of some.
  • A slow dismantling is taking place. Mainly that strange belief that if "I serve/mentor kids I’ll miss out on whats happening in the main gathering.” Let it be known; serving/mentoring kids is being part of the main gathering!!
  • Digging up thought from an old French philosophers & Jesuit priest we felt might convey a good anthem to raise, “The future belongs to those who give the next generation reason for hope” [Teilhard de Chardin]. Here’s to the ever-present future most commonly found living sideways.
  • Change is continual, failure is common, and imperfection is perfect. Your child’s or your experience might not always be 100% heavenly, but we hope you taste some.
For more information, interest in mentoring, or general questions
contact kids@alongsiderschurch.org // 503-232-5155


Did you miss a sunday gathering? Check out these videos.


Download the latest Sunday morning teaching.

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“But just as you excel in everything – in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in your love for us – see that you also excel in this grace of giving.” 2 Cor. 8:7 (NIV)

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2830 NE Flanders St // Portland, OR 97232 503.232.5155 // fax: 503.235.3716 withyou@alongsiderschurch.org

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